Unified Endpoint Security

Why endpoint security protection is important?

With the emerging security threat landscape into mobile and virtual computing, the need for unified endpoint security has seen an upsurge. At QB Tech Infosystem, we cater our clients with several layers of security which include: Endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, workforce identity, secure web gateway to navigate today’s threat landscape with minimal interruptions.

Our professionals continuously evaluate security vendors, who are best suited so as to protect the endpoints for our clients. Considering how important cybersecurity has become with the emerging insecure environment with single minded threat actors looking for weaknesses in personal and organizational defenses, we come up with tailored security services ensuring our clients and their respective operating environments are safe, secure, and compliant.

Perks of endpoint security management

As a leading multi-OEM service provider, we come up with comprehensive agent-based solution, so as to detect, prevent and respond to endpoint security threats. Our services include providing a well-balanced endpoint management solution with low productivity impact that ultimately leverages all the capabilities of the modern antivirus, anti-malware, anti-evasion, paired with behavioral analytics intelligence gathering to protect, detect and respond to the most sophisticated of endpoint attacks.

Unified Endpoint Security

Our approach to Endpoint security protection services

At QB Tech Infosystem, you get endpoint security services partnered with industry leading preferred vendors and established subject matter experts, who work towards helping the company to manage and maintain the endpoint risk management posture.

We work with the professionals who develop and deliver best-in-class service to its customers in all categories. This further includes a scalable endpoint protection solution that assists in maintaining a strong defensive posture against the growing threat of compromise.

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