Server Maintenance

Is your server maintenance up to the mark?

When you have a proper server maintenance, keeping your data center up and running isn’t a tough nut to crack. There might be situations, when your server or servers crash, in that case restoring the operating systems, applications, and IT infrastructure is one of the basic requirements. It is important to reduce the risk of downtime and count on effective, expert support for server hardware maintenance, and also meet the operational and budgetary aims.

Getting your hands on the custom server maintenance services by QB Tech Infosystem can help you save your OEM costs at large.

What makes Server maintenance a necessity?

Time: Server downtime multiplies disruptions and frustration and this further makes it difficult to get back on track

Productivity: It is very much important to maintain server, as each minute mist cost in terms of employee output

Uncertainty: with no proper server maintenance services, one is always unsure about whether the engineer after placing the call will be able to meet the SLA or not.

Perks of availing OEM server maintenance service

  • Extending the life of equipment with server hardware maintenance that continues long after the warranty expires
  • You can also reduce the costs and put the saving towards the IT budget
  • You can count on expert on-site technical support from local QB Tech Infosystem field engineer, so as to increase the uptime

Are you satisfied with your current warranty service support coverage?

  • Does your current service provide tackle a full range of snags from break-fix to complex issues?
  • Is your server maintenance coverage flexible to accommodate any changes?
  • Whenever a server fails, are you able to get the server maintenance support that is required

What QB Tech Infosystem offers?

  • Local engineers
  • 24*7 customer portal
  • Flexible coverage

Join hands with QB Tech Infosystem today!

Not satisfied with the Server maintenance service provider? Switch to QB Tech Infosystem today. Our team of technocrats, will ensure to bring some of the best Server maintenance services for you and your business.

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