Ransomware Defense & Protection Services

What is the need of ransomware defense and protection services?

If you are a tech savvy person, then you might know that ransomware has become one of the most prominent and malicious type of malware. Attackers usually use to steal information to use against target sites, and did not typically hold systems at bay, or worse destroy them. Over the past few years, detecting ransomware have skyrocketed over the last few years. QB Tech Infosystem realizes the issue is going to continue to burden the tech population, and we have designed a ransomware defense consulting service that combats this ongoing threat.

Why choose us?

QB Tech Infosystem can be your IT partner, as we strive to be in sync with the company’s needs and goals. We understand where the defenses need to be protected, and what a compromise could mean for the business. We are more than a vendor, and carefully assess the company’s current ransomware protection infrastructure, combined with the pain points, to provide the clients with optimal ransomware protection services.

Ransomware Defense & Protection Services

Our take on Ransomware defense and protection

Well, ransomware affects the company in various ways, and most of the time the point of origin is as simple as an unsuspecting employee with a habit of click throughs. We educate the employees and continue with proactivity, so as to defend the business against ransomware. After that, we continue to check in on the ransomware protection architecture and also ensure that the client has the correct ransomware defense protocol in place.

What our services for Ransomware defense and protection include?

Our services at QB Tech Infosystem are packed with strict processes and strong technologies. Our services include:


  • Baseline Security Assessment
  • Endpoint Security Review
  • IAM Credential Validation
  • Edge/ Perimeter Configuration review
  • Patch Management Services
  • Security Awareness / Phishing campaign training

Join hands with QB Tech Infosystem today!

Not satisfied with the current Ransomware defense and protection service provider? Switch to QB Tech Infosystem today. Our team of technocrats, will ensure to bring some of the best Ransomware defense and protection services for you and your business.

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