Cybersecurity Threat Hunting & Management

Is your Cybersecurity Threat Hunting & Management up to the mark?

One of the major risks faced by businesses these days, hackers breaking into the company’s data at any time. Attack vectors are changing too swiftly these days to contain without a combination of intelligent technologies and proven processes. Considering the need of the hour, our team works towards keeping up with the industry leading security tools and processes to protect the systems.

How we work towards cybersecurity threat management?

At QB Tech Infosystem, we offer our clients with the security expertise and skills that are needed to manage and maintain the risk management strategy from inside and outside the company. We ensure that we are quick and accurate enough to identify a target and neutralize it, limiting the potential for the system compromise. Our services include searching for malware and attackers that might already have access to the network while also looking for indicators of compromise that might point to threats before an attack is successful.

cyber security threat hunting and management

Why choose us?

What makes us better from the rest of the threat analytics service providers is the process that we follow. Our process aims at detecting anomalies within customer networks, which includes previously unknown zero days and provide visibility of emerging threats. Our process results in shortening the time it takes for containment of threats and limits the extremity and cost of an attack when it appears.

Our cyber threat hunting service expands common industry practices by including advanced technologies and processes that further analyze threats and attack signatures to ensure that the client has the best protection from being compromised.

Perks of opting our cybersecurity threat management

  • Detecting emerging cyber attacks using sophisticated self-learning mathematics
  • You can avail the benefits of signature free probabilistic approaches permitting detection of anomalies and abnormal behaviors
  • Another perk that you can experience is real time alerts as threats appear
  • Powerful visualization platform enables the analysis of internal and external threats
  • Moreover, the network appliance plugs directly into infrastructure and doesn’t require software roll-out

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