Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework

Why it is important to have a cybersecurity risk management framework?

Talking about a cybersecurity threat, it is inevitable, and this is what makes it important to have a proper cybersecurity risk management framework. Thus, QB Tech Infosystem is dedicated to understanding the threat landscape assists our clients in making informed Cybersecurity risk management decisions that will lead to greater defensive posture, and at the same time will permit the business leaders in protecting areas that matter most to their specific business.

QB Tech Infosystem’s view on Cybersecurity risk management

Our risk management framework is used by the businesses that are considering and already having extensive cybersecurity management programs. Our framework outlines the approach that can be used to protect any enterprise, regardless of their current cybersecurity state.

Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework

We are a team of skilled professionals, who offer customized services depending upon the business’s current security state and their specific protection requirements. We consider relevance, timeliness, and impact of risk, when drafting the framework for any business.

We have designed our services for the businesses that are part of the 16 National Critical Infrastructure sectors. These sectors are namely energy, banking, communications, law enforcement, healthcare, and state/local government.

What services we offer?

You can expect the following from QB Tech Infosystem’s cybersecurity risk management program.


  • Careful consideration of the business requirements
  • Programs designed around relevance, impact of risk and timeliness
  • You can expect measurable results from out team
  • Also, we curate framework blending our experience and expertise and our frameworks are highly customizable
  • You can also have an assessment of where your company’s cybersecurity risks currently stand

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